Thank you for your interest in travelling with VISIT THE PROPHET to Lagos, Nigeria.

Screening Process

  • Every applicant will be required to attend an interview in person for their online application to be processed.
  • Our screening consultations take place on specific dates and per appointment only.
  • Currently, we are only screening in Pretoria.
  • Once a screening/interview date is confirmed we will contact you with the details thereof.

Before you can be screened you must:

  • have finances readily available at the time of application. Although it is only payable after invitation it must be ready when you apply.
  • be able to travel within the next 3 months.
  • have an original RSA passport valid (not expiring) for at least 12 months from date of screening.
  • if you are not a SA citizen, have a valid RSA work/residential/study permit.
  • irrespective of health submit a standard medical report (see under medical reports).
  • provide us with your proof of residence (see under proof of residence) .
  • be able to go about your daily activities unassisted and be able to climb the stairs of a 3-storey building numerous times a day unassisted. Furthermore, you must have no open wounds, or find it difficult to walk without support, not be paralyzed, not be on dialysis and not be too weak to travel. If you have any of the above conditions, you need to follow the individual application process with SCOAN on

Screening Requirements

It is crucial that you come prepared. Please make sure to come with the correct documentation as per the information below. Not having the correct medical reports can cause unnecessary delays with your application. Please be prepared that the interview process might take a couple of hours to complete.

You need to bring the following DOCUMENTS to the screening (click on the + sign to expand):


  • An original passport still valid for 12 months from screening date with at least 2 full empty pages in your passport.
  • Passports from other countries must have a RSA work/residential permit valid for at least 12 months from date of screening.
  • 2 full colour passport photos.
Countries that do not need SA visa/permit in order to apply for a visa to Nigeria
  • Lesotho, Seychelles, Madagascar, Swaziland, Mauritius.
Countries that do not need a visa to travel to Nigeria
  • Ecowas countries – do not require visa to enter Nigeria.
Ecowas and some others: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Togo.


 Burkina Faso


 Cape Verde


 Côte d'Ivoire










 Sierra Leone


For visa purposes we assist South Africans, or people living in South Africa with valid working, residential or student permits. If you live in another country, you will need to apply directly on website
Every applicant irrespective of health must submit a medical letter even if you are only travelling for breakthrough, deliverance or spiritual upliftment. ALL applicants that come to screening must have an official doctor’s medical report that states the following 3 things on the report:


  • The doctor must state what the current reading is for blood pressure.
  • Blood pressure reading Example: BP 120/60.
  • If you have a high blood pressure reading, it must be stated as “Hypertension” on the medical report.
  • The report needs to state what medication has been prescribed for treatment, and if the Hypertension is well controlled or well managed.
  • The doctor’s certificate must clearly state what the current reading is for the glucose. Example: 9 mmol/L.
  • If your sugar reading is high, in other words you are Diabetic, it must be stated on the medical report, as well as the degree of diabetes- if you suffer from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.
  • The report needs to state what medication you use, tablets or injections?
  • The doctor must state if it is well controlled or well managed.
  • The HIV status check you can do at your doctor with a rapid finger test (No need to draw blood).
  • If your status is negative, the doctor needs to type it on the report along with your blood sugar and blood pressure readings.
  • If your status is HIV positive you need to follow the instructions below(under HIV) to obtain the correct “HIV” report.
  • Children who apply to visit SCOAN must also get a medical report stating that they are mentally and physically healthy. If not, their problems need to be stated on the report.

All medical reports must have the following format (Except for HIV reports)

  • clearly indicate your full names and surname as per PASSPORT
  • be on medical doctor's letterhead with doctor's practice number
  • be stamped by medical doctor
  • be signed by medical doctor
  • be an original document
  • be typed and NOT hand written ( as we must be able to CLEARLY read what the doctor has written on the report)
  • NOT be older than 3 months
In addition to the above-mentioned report, if YOU have any other illness, physical, mental, medical or specific health conditions YOU must ensure your report includes and states YOUR specific condition. Contact us to find out exactly what is required in the report for your condition.  If you applied with another coordinator, and SCOAN told you to hold on, you need to wait at least 6 months before you apply again.
If your status is HIV positive and you are a new applicant, please take note there are very specific requirements SCOAN has for you to be approved to stand in the HIV prayer line. Take time to read this information diligently to ensure you obtain the correct report as it will save you time and money. We do not accept any medical letter and blood test results from a private doctor.  Also, No Viral loads, CD4 counts etc will be accepted to confirm the infection. We only accept a letter and pathology results on the letterhead of an official Government Hospital, National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) or LANCET Laboratories.
The FINAL CONFIRMATORY HIV BLOOD RESULTS for both Government and Lancet Laboratories must:
  • be on Government Hospital Laboratory (NHLS)/ LANCET Laboratories letterhead,
  • be an original document,
  • be typed and NOT hand written,
  • NOT be older than 3 months,
  • indicate that it is a HIV Confirmatory Final report,
  • clearly indicate your full names and surname as per PASSPORT,
  • state that you were “tested and confirmed” to be HIV positive,
  • clearly indicate the type of HIV e.g. HIV 1, HIV1& 2,
  • be stamped by the Laboratory (not the doctor),
  • be signed by the Laboratory (not the doctor).
Government Hospital
  • The Government Hospital Cover letter must state that the person was tested and confirmed to be HIV 1 or HIV 2 positive, on official government hospital letterhead.
  • The Laboratory results from NHLS(National Health Laboratory Services) must be sent separately to support the Cover letter mentioned above.
  • The Laboratory results must clearly show that two separate tests were done, and both confirmed to be positive.
  • The CD4 count, viral loads and treatment should NOT appear on the letter confirming that the person has HIV.
Government hospital process:
  • HIV ELISA SCREENING TEST: The Government hospital will first do an Elisa “screening” blood test, this is a screening test and the results (if positive) will state that it is subject to confirmation which is needed as well.
  • HIV ELISA FINAL CONFIRMATORY RESULTS: Thus, the screening test is not yet complete because the requirement is HIV Elisa Confirmatory test. What is needed is that you will have to go for confirmation of the screening results at the same Government Hospital and submit the confirmatory results.
  • GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL LABORATORY HIV LETTER: After the Elisa confirmatory results, the Hospital can issue you a letter that states you are confirmed HIV positive with your name and surname and the type of HIV you have. Stamped and signed.
  • Two separate tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis of HIV infection. Therefore, the same test needs to be repeated twice but on two independent and separate blood samples.
  • The test required is a 4th Generation HIV-1/2 ELISA final confirmatory test. CODE number is H455.
  • The result of the First test will show CONFIRMED. But under the COMMENT SECTION: in paragraph two it will say, “that repeat testing is required before a diagnosis of the infection can be made”. Repeat testing on a second blood sample is then needed before a final confirmed HIV diagnoses can be made. (Test again with 4th generation HIV-1/2 ELISA test CODE number H455 ). As a result, you will have two different batch numbers for each test. The Lancet staff must link the two results together to generate the correct report.
  • The report we require is the one after the second test was done. Under the COMMENT SECTION of the report -it will say “ A previous reactive result was obtained on 123456789(batch number) collected on 15 Jan 2019(date of first test). Therefore, the current result CONFIRMS the diagnosis of HIV infection”.
  • If you have been to the SCOAN for HIV and stood in the prayer line you DO NOT need to get a report again. You can only receive prayer ONCE for HIV at SCOAN.
Download the form below, print, complete and bring to screening
  • Only unabridged birth certificates are accepted. Apply for an unabridged birth certificate in time as it takes +- 6 weeks to obtain them from the Department of Home Affairs.
  • If the minor is travelling abroad with only one parent/guardian an affidavit will be required from a police station whereby the remaining parent gives consent/permission for their child to travel with the other parent/guardian.
  • This affidavit must be accompanied by the persons certified passport data page or I.D document.
The proof of residence is a utility bill with your name and physical residential address appearing on it. Please note it must be in the name of the person travelling- you cannot use your spouses or a family member without a consent letter(co-habitant form) and a copy of their Identity document. This utility bill must not be older than 1 month at the time of application. THE REASON WE NEED THE PROOF OF RESIDENCE is because our accommodation in Lagos needs to be paid for in US dollar. According to SARB we need to provide the proof of residence for every traveller so that the accommodation money will be exchanged on each person's name. Please make sure you have what is necessary. If you do not have a utility bill with your name on it contact your bank and ask them to give you a profile statement (with your name and physical residential address on it), this is also acceptable for FOREIGN EXCHANGE.

During the Screening

  • We will have the opportunity to meet each other in person
  • We will discuss your reason for wanting to visit THE SCOAN
  • Take a full-length photograph of you
  • Make a video clip of you
  • Scan your medical report
  • Scan your passport and/or work/residential permit
  • Scan your proof of residence
  • Verify all your personal information
  • Collect 2 passport photos from you
  • Collect your signed indemnity and waiver forms