General Information


The church has many rooms available for international visitors. The accommodation is either standard dormitories or private rooms – all with en-suite hot showers, toilets and air conditioning. Pillows are provided with pillowcases and the mattresses are covered with clean fitted sheets; however, no blankets or sheets are provided in the dormitories. The air conditioning in the rooms make the rooms very cold so if you are prone to get cold easily you will need to bring your own blanket/comforter or light sleeping bag.

  • Standard Dormitory = $800 US Dollars per person for one week will be included in the standard tour price. The dormitories provide bunk beds for visitors and are separate for men and women. Husbands and wives should pack their clothing separately. Children over the age of 5 are not permitted to stay in dormitories of the opposite sex.
  • Private rooms = $4000 US Dollars per room for one week and can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children under the age of 18 years.
  • Children (except babies) will pay individually.

The SCOAN accommodation does not have lifts or escalators for dormitories. Visitors must be physically capable to climb stairs of up to three-storeys without assistance and move around unassisted. People are required to climb stairs several times a day between the dining room, dormitory, and auditorium. There are also no doctors, nurses and hospital equipment to look after people before going to the prayer line.

  • There are dining areas for international visitors where 3 full meals are served daily. Coffee and tea are available throughout the day. Please eat in the dining area to which you are assigned.
  • A small supermarket is available at the church premises which offers some essentials should you forget something or want to purchase snacks, water, drinks or toiletries.
  • There is an international restaurant on the premises available to SCOAN visitors with a wide variety of cuisines. Please note that this restaurant is in addition to your meals, and should you want to place an order it will be at your own expense.
  • All payments to the supermarket and restaurant must be made in CASH. Traveller’s cheques, credit cards or any other form of payment are NOT accepted. Only NIGERIAN NAIRA and US Dollars are accepted.
  • There are no ATM’s on The SCOAN premises.
  • All forms of smoking or alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited during your stay at the SCOAN.


We are not always able to answer all the phone calls. Kindly make use of SMS, WhatsApp or Email to contact us, we WILL get back to you in due course.


The estimated trip costs vary from one trip to the next due to fluctuations in the exchange rate and flight availability. Fees are likely to increase over peak times as airline tickets tend to become more expensive. Please contact our office for a current estimation.

When must I pay for the tour?

Your finances must be readily available when you apply. The tour price amount will only be finalized on the day we receive confirmation of the group. If you are confirmed to travel, we will expect you to make payment within 2-3 working days. No partial payments or late payments will be accepted. The tour price should be paid by electronic transfers(EFT). If cash deposits need to be made there will be an additional fee charged on top of the tour price to cover the bank charges.

Kindly do not apply until your funds are available as THE SCOAN spend many hours processing your application by working through all your photos, videos, medical reports and information.

What Does The Tour Price Include?

  1. Visa application and processing costs
  2. Return flights from Johannesburg to Lagos/Lagos to Johannesburg
  3. Transport to and from Murtala Muhammed International airport in Lagos and THE SCOAN
  4. 7 days and 6 nights accommodation in Standard Dormitory room at THE SCOAN
  5. 3 meals per day
  6. Travel insurance
  7. T-shirt

What does the tour price exclude?

  1. Transport to and from OR Tambo International airport
  2. Connecting flights to and from Johannesburg if you come from out of town. Note, should you book a connecting flight upon your return, please allow sufficient time at the airport should the return flight from Lagos be delayed
  3. Accommodation if you sleep over in Johannesburg before/after our tour flights
  4. Passport application costs
  5. Yellow fever vaccination costs


Your choice of clothes should be suitable for a very hot and humid climate. When selecting your clothes please bear in mind that we are visiting a church. Church service will be attended on Sunday and the church is very cool due to it being fully airconditioned.

Gentlemen may wear shorts with sandals during the day, but when attending services long trousers/pants will be required with a neat shirt with open collar. You are welcome to wear a suit.

Ladies are encouraged to dress modestly. We recommend light loose materials, long skirts, three-quarter pants and dresses (below the knee), along with long pants, blouses or shirts that have a high neckline. KINDLY NOTE: no low-neck lines, no open shoulders, no see-through clothes, or very short dresses especially for the church services! Please ladies, we ask you to respect this request.

Comfortable shoes, sandals or slippers are recommended. There are ironing boards and irons available in rooms and on request. Please take enough clothing as clothes take longer to dry in the humidity. There is an onsite laundry at The SCOAN premises -please note that charges will apply for the use of this facility.


Conversion of your national currency into US Dollars must be done in your own country as there are no available facilities in the church to convert to different currencies. Should you wish to take spending money with you please bring a utility bill with you to the airport. We will give you your airline ticket at the airport on the day of departure and direct you to foreign exchange. Dollar bills must not be dated earlier than 2009 series.


The allowed weight of your luggage is 23kgs per suitcase with a maximum of 2 suitcases per person. Also, note you can take hand luggage up to 7kg on board with you. PLEASE BRING LOCKS OR CABLE TIES WITH TO LOCK YOUR SUITCASES at the airport. AVOID putting any liquids (perfume, deodorant spray, hairspray, gel, toothpaste, cream, liquid make-up etc) sharp objects(nail files or clippers, scissors, pocket knife) or hazardous items(matches) in your hand luggage or handbags as all these items must be packed into your suitcase that you will check in, otherwise they will be confiscated.


This is not compulsory, but there will be an opportunity to donate to the ministry of the Synagogue Church of All Nations during the time that you are there. Should you wish to do this, please put your contribution into a SCOAN envelope, and place it in the offering baskets during the Sunday service or in any of the offering boxes available.


Below is a list of some important items to remember to pack in order to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

  • All original medical reports and all your daily medication
  • Your Bible, notebook and a pen
  • Light sleeping bag, blanket or sheet and extra pillow (pillow, pillowcase and fitted sheet will be provided)
  • Bath towel and toiletries (e.g. soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.)
  • Comfortable shoes (you will be required to climb stairs several times a day between your dining area, dormitory and the auditorium)
  • Ladies may want to bring some extra coat hangers and a small mirror
  • Ensure you have an international plug handy (euro plug) for any electrical equipment such as hair dryers or phone and laptop chargers
  • For those who suffer from bedwetting please remember a mattress protector
  • If you wish to make use of the internet facilities during your stay it is essential that you bring a personal laptop. Internet facilities are now fully wireless, and vouchers will be available from the shop on the church premises
  • Extra Snacks. You will receive 3 meals a day, but you are welcome to bring your favourite snack with you. Example: chips; biscuits; sweets; chocolates, breakfast cereals, etc
  • ORGANISE WITH YOUR NETWORK PROVIDER TO ACTIVATE YOUR ROAMING if you want to use your cellular phone overseas. Please ask prices of international SMSs and CALLS especially DATA as it can be very expensive. You can opt to only activate SMS. If you choose not to roam the small supermarket at SCOAN sells pre-paid airtime as well as the necessary sim cards.


If you are leaving your car at the airport while you are in Nigeria find out about the ACSA (Airport Company South Africa) long-term parking options in advance, as it is much cheaper than the normal parking. You can also find out about valet parking options as there are several companies that pick up your car and park it for you. We make use of A-Team Parking, Ian Groenewald – 0837490619, they currently charge us R60 per day for parking


The Good Morning Water, Faith bracelets, and Anointed stickers are only obtained from THE SCOAN. We DO NOT distribute these items nor can we obtain them for you. If you are in urgent need of prayer, contact the dedicated prayer line numbers at SCOAN, Lagos. Their prayer and counselling numbers are under the “contact us” page


When is the next visit?

Unfortunately, due to the logistics involved in arranging trips we cannot give exact departure dates in advance, we can only estimate travel dates. We have multiple trips throughout the year that start with the collecting of online applications, having interviews/screening, sending the applications to Lagos and then waiting for feedback and questions. Once we receive an invitation, we request quotes from the airlines and foreign exchange to determine the costs of the trip. We then request payment and finally travel.

How long will it take?

Depending on when you submitted your application you might need to wait a while for the next upcoming screening consultation. If you submitted your online application and we have confirmed the receipt thereof then we will get in contact with you as soon as the next screening dates are confirmed.

Once you have attended an interview and submitted all the requested documents your application will be processed, and we will await feedback from Lagos(This can take +/4-8 weeks). As soon as we receive feedback regarding your application, we will immediately contact you.

When will we travel?

Only when we receive feedback for the group will we be able to confirm possible travel dates. Do not apply for leave at your place of work until the travel date has been confirmed and the air tickets are booked.


SCOAN arrange visas for us on arrival and we obtain the visas at the Murtala Muhammed International airport in Lagos. Temporary passports are not permitted for visa purposes. Your original passport must be valid for at least another 6 months after the date of departure.


Yellow Fever vaccination is compulsory to pass through immigrations in Nigeria and in South Africa. This vaccination can be purchased at any travel clinic. NOTE: you must have the vaccination done at LEAST 10 days before the departure date. The vaccination is VALID for 10 years. NOTE: The yellow card with your yellow fever vaccination certificate must be presented when proceeding through customs.  Malaria: Lagos is a malaria declared area. The taking of anti-malaria tablets is optional, if taken, consult your doctor on the side effects. You may also consider taking products like “Tabard” or “Peaceful Sleep”. Only obtain the Yellow Fever vaccination and Malaria tablets AFTER you have been invited.